The ReportActor represents a single player, pet or NPC that occurs in the report.

link GraphQL Schema definition

  • type ReportActor {
  • # The game ID of the actor.
  • gameID: Float
  • # An icon to use for the actor. For pets and NPCs, this will be the icon the site
  • # chose to represent that actor.
  • icon: String
  • # The report ID of the actor. This ID is used in events to identify sources and
  • # targets.
  • id: Int
  • # The name of the actor.
  • name: String
  • # The report ID of the actor's owner if the actor is a pet.
  • petOwner: Int
  • # The normalized server name of the actor.
  • server: String
  • # The sub-type of the actor, for players it's their class, and for NPCs, they are
  • # further subdivided into normal NPCs and bosses.
  • subType: String
  • # The type of the actor, i.e., if it is a player, pet or NPC.
  • type: String
  • }