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Highmaul Raid Opening

The Highmaul Raid will be opening soon, and Warcraft Logs is ready. Here are a few reminders for those of you planning to log raids tomorrow:

  • Make sure your client uploader is version 2.1 or higher. Warcraft Logs has fully converted to HTTPS, and you need a version of the client that uses secure logins.
  • Make sure Advanced Combat Logging is enabled in-game. Without Advanced Combat Logging, you will still be able to upload logs, but the logs will not be eligible for rankings, and they won't be included in statistics information. You can enable Advanced Combat Logging from the following pane:

  • Rankings and Statistics are now divided into item level brackets. You can now see how you compare to others that are close to your item level. In addition, you can see how the various specs compare in the statistics panes by selecting specific item level brackets. This feature is available via a new dropdown menu in the rankings and statistics panes:

  • A new feature has been implemented for Highmaul raids. Warcraft Logs will take a look at your attempts and tell you exactly where you went wrong. This feature is available from the Summary pane under a new tab labeled Fight Analysis.

    Every single mechanic is checked, and you'll find info on everything from raid CD maps to potion use to avoidable damage mechanics, etc. In addition custom links let you see highlighted failures in combat replay, and to view damage taken charted against specific stacking buffs or debuffs.