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All Star Changes Reverted

After seeing the new point system in action for a week, I've decided to revert back to the old point system. I'm still not satisfied with the algorithm for All Star computation, but I think the old model was definitely better than the new one. Magnitude of separation especially should be captured for speed rankings and execution rankings. I'll probably explore a model that limits the effects of large separation between ranks for DPS/HPS only (and not for the others).

Feel free to post on the forums if you have any suggestions/ideas for how you think an aggregate scoring system should work.

Shadow Priest Exploits

Many reports have been blacklisted because of shadow priests exploiting a bug in the game to do far more DPS than intended. Note that this causes their fellow raiders to lose their ranks as well, since the entire report becomes invalid.

The reason I am making this post is that despite blacklisting, exploiting has continued, so let me be very clear. If these exploits continue to be uploaded, I will begin handing out permanent bans. Consider this post the final warning.

Change to All Star Scores

The algorithm for computing All Star Scores has been changed. The old algorithm computed the scores by taking the best score and assigning points based off what fraction of that score a player achieved. For example, if rank 1 had 1,000,000 DPS and rank 2 had 500,000 DPS, the second rank would get assigned a score of 50 out of a possible 100. The problem with this system is that extreme outliers for specific specs that achieved their score by padding or doing something ridiculous would then prevent others from obtaining as many points.

The new system is as follows: rank 1 gets 100 points. If you did no DPS/HPS (e.g., your DPS is 0), you get 0 points. Otherwise you get points based off your ranking percentile, so if you are rank 2 out of 10000 parses, even if your DPS Is only half of #1, you'll get over 99 points.

This system should make it easy to understand your All Star score, since it will now basically match the sum of all your best percentiles on your character's rankings page.

Everything should update in another 24 hours or so. Let me know if anything looks buggy/suspicious. Note that frozen rankings will not be affected by these changes.

Preparing for 6.0

Rankings for Siege of Orgrimmar are now permanently frozen. Starting tomorrow, you will be able to rank in Mythic Siege of Orgrimmar. Mythic ranks will be frozen shortly before 11/13 when Warlords of Draenor is released, so you have one month to put up some high scores!

Note that Advanced Combat Logging is now required in order to rank. Make sure you have it enabled after 6.0 releases, since otherwise your report will not be allowed to rank. There is no fixing this after the fact, so double and triple check that you have that setting turned on!

Another change for Mythic ranks in SoO (and ranks in WoD) is that the Execution metric is being changed to include damage taken by tanks, and the damage taken being considered now excludes absorbs. This means that only actual damage you take after absorbs will be counted. Now that tanks have no incentive to deliberately take extra damage for Vengeance, there is no reason to exclude their damage taken from execution ranks. So stay on your toes, tanks! Standing in fire will now hurt your guild's execution scores!

Rankings Are Temporarily Frozen

Effective immediately, the rankings for Siege of Orgrimmar have been frozen while I deploy countermeasures to defend against hacks that have been made against them.

I will post here again once additional validity checks have been put in place. Note that when rankings are unfrozen again, Advanced Combat Logging will be required in order to rank. I can harden the rankings against attacks much more effectively by instituting this requirement.

I apologize for the inconvenience. This is what happens when bad people do bad things. :(

The State of Warcraft Logs

As I did a few months ago, I wanted to go over the different subsystems of the site and let you know where they stand and what is planned for the rest of 2014.

The Client Uploader

The client uploader will be gaining the ability to choose what fights to upload. I'm still working out the user interface for making that decision, but expect that feature in the coming months.

Along with choosing what fights to upload, I'll be trying to improve the encounter detection in the client to be able to split up raids by zone as well as time. This means if you use the split feature and do two raids in two different zones back to back, the client will understand that the raids are not in the same zone and split them up for you.

Rankings and Statistics

There are two big features coming to rankings and statistics pages. The first is the equivalent of EpeenBot. For those of you familiar with, what this means is that there will be historical percentages shown on your character pages instead of current percentages. There will also be a pretty graph and a report for each boss that tells you your average and median percentage across all your attempts on a boss.

Note that the implementation of EpeenBot will not be retroactive but will apply only to future rankings.

I wanted to talk in general about what is going to happen with a new tier of content:

  • The rankings will freeze when patch 6.0 hits. This means that no new rankings will be obtainable in Siege of Orgrimmar. I'm still debating whether or not to allow Mythic Siege to be ranked just to give people something to do for a month. That's unclear at the moment, but when I've made up my mind about that, I'll post here again.
  • All scores other than your best on a fight will be deleted. This will collapse the rankings for your character page down to a single score per boss (your best).
  • Reports for Siege will be allowed to expire. The rules for expiration are as follows:
    1. If the report is for an active tier of content, it will not be deleted.
    2. If the report contains a top 50 rank for a particular class and spec, it will not be deleted.
    3. Otherwise the report is deleted if it is more than six months old.

The second major feature coming for the rankings and statistics pages is item levels. In Warlords of Draenor, item levels are included in the combat log ONLY IF ADVANCED COMBAT LOGGING IS TURNED ON. Because item level is an incredibly important piece of data to have for rankings and statistics, Advanced Combat Logging will be REQUIRED in Warlords of Draenor if you want your fights to be ranked. You will still be able to upload logs with ACL turned off, but no rankings or statistical information will be collected for your log.

Item Levels will enable ranks for specific item level ranges as well as rank filtering on item level (so that you can filter further and see if you got the best score for your item level, etc.).

Fight Analysis

Every raid boss in Warlords of Draenor will have its own custom Fight Analysis pane. This is accessible via the Summary view. This pane analyzes your raid's performance with a focus on fight mechanic failures. These panes do work with aggregate views, so you can see what is wiping your raid in general across all your attempts, or see who is failing the most on a specific mechanic.

Death Cutoff

WCL now supports a death cutoff, which means all events after a certain number of people die will simply be filtered out. This even works if you select multiple wipes and gives you a way of filtering out the deliberate deaths from called wipes.

Damage and Healing Panes

There will be some changes coming to the damage done by ability pages. When you are focused on a specific ability, I'll be including some extra information like breakdowns of Multistrike vs Crit damage and counts.

I also plan to add a couple of new columns to the main table when viewing abilities such as overall average damage per hit.

For Damage Taken, I will be changing the damage totals shown to exclude absorbs by default (while still showing the absorb bars).

I plan to turn the Casts and Uptimes in Damage and Healing panes into links that create the corresponding pins, so you're going to be able to toggle casts and buff uptimes on and off directly from the damage and healing panes.


I have some improvements planned for the Deaths pane.

  • There will be a new table view for a player death (instead of just raw events) that will show a useful breakdown for that player along with Defensive Buffs used (respecting the categorization in the Buffs pane).
  • You are also going to be able to "zoom out" and look at much more of the fight before your death.
  • Raw Events views are going to show the current/max health of the target for damage and healing events as bars. This will be everywhere and not just in the Deaths pane.

Casts and Interrupts

I am happy with the Interrupts pane. The Casts pane is going to gaining a couple of features. The first is the ability to exclude melee attacks (which will be enabled by default). The second feature is that the average time between casts will be shown as a new column when viewing casts by ability. This will allow you to see how optimally you were using a particular ability.

Buffs and Debuffs

As you may have noticed, Buffs are now categorized. I plan to do the same with Debuffs, and this will let you tell me what kinds of CC are being applied to mobs (as well as identify whether debuffs are for tank swaps, DoTs, HoTs, etc.). As with Defensive Buffs in the deaths pane, I will redo Interrupts detection to respect the CC spells you identify for me, so it will stay current as new CC abilities are added to the game.

For both buffs and debuffs, I plan to darken the uptime lines thicken when the auras are applied to more people and to thicken them when there are multiple stacks.


The main feature coming to the resources pane will be charting of maximum values and the use of the new max resource fields that are present in WoD logs to identify wasted resource gains better.


Pin Bookmarks will be coming in the next few months, as well as a public directory of pins (with tags) that you will be able to browse and search in order to find pins that you'd like to use.

Auto-application of pins is also planned (e.g., just always show my trinket procs or on this boss only, show the extra information that I care about).

Combat Replay

Combat Replay has had some major improvements in the last month. Source, target and target of target frames have been implemented. Just select a unit by clicking on them in the graph to make that unit your source. You can also select a unit by clicking any frame.

Combat replay will have a damage/healing meter (similar to Skada/Recount), and there will also be a scrollable raw events view.

Picture in Picture - The ability to connect your report's replays to an archived Twitch stream or to a Youtube video is planned. The video and the replay will synchronize, allowing you to seek to the same spot in the replay/video and to pause/play them using the combat replay controls.

Events View

The main change coming to the events view is the ability to view some of the resource data. I will be adding health bars to damage/healing events and may expose the other resource information in a tooltip when the event line is hovered.


I don't have much to report on this front. I know everyone wants a Web API and plan to look into it once the site has been updated for WoD.


Thanks to everyone for all of the bug reporting and testing during the beta phase of this project. Keep the feedback coming. WCL beta will be ending soon.

Comparing Reports

You can now compare reports with one another. The entry point for this feature can be found in the upper right of any reports page. Look for Compare Reports next to the Recent Reports menu item. All reports views (with the exception of Combat Replay, coming soon!) are now comparison-aware and able to show views that integrate data from multiple reports.

Try it out, and as always, report bugs on the forums or on Twitter to @WarcraftLogs.

Rankings Changes

In an effort to avoid duplicate rankings, all characters are now being validated against the Armory. If your character is not Armory-valid at the time of upload, then your character will not be eligible to rank. Note that once your character becomes marked as valid by Warcraft Logs, it will remain valid for the rest of the tier. This means that - going forward -you can name change safely or transfer to another server without losing your existing rankings. However for this initial purge we will be deleting any rankings for which no characters exist in the Armory.

If your character is not Armory-valid because you recently transferred, you won't be able to rank until the Armory catches up. However, you can go back and re-export any logs with your character in them after you become valid, and then the rankings will be picked up.

This change does mean you have to pay attention to which realm you upload to if you want to rank. This is especially true of connected realms. If you log on realm A, you have to upload to realm A. You cannot upload to another realm, even if it is connected, as your character then won't be found on the Armory.

Absorbs Bug

A major bug involving fully absorbed hits has been fixed. If advanced combat logging was enabled, any full absorbs from melee hits were actually doubled. This affects Brewmaster Monks the most and made it look like they were absorbing an insane amount of damage on the Damage Taken views.

I believe the bug has been fixed, but I would encourage you to study the raw event views carefully, and let me know if you see anything strange with melee damage results.

Download version 1.2 of the client uploader to get the fix. Unfortunately I can't retroactively fix already-uploaded logs, but fortunately this bug should have no effect on the rankings.

Don't Panic!

You may have noticed the red guild validation messages above fake guilds. Don't panic. Nothing is changing yet. Right now the message is mainly for tracking, so I can get a sense of how many "fake guilds" exist. I may be able to come up with a technical solution that will be able to cull the duplicates without forcing all guilds to be validated.

Duplicate Rankings

In a few days, I am going to be cracking down heavily on duplicate rankings.

I've decided that - going forward - guilds are going to be validated against the Armory in order to rank. Creating fake guilds is fine, but rankings are only going to be allowed from guilds that actually exist on the server. I'll provide more details about what validation will entail once it has been implemented.

Your reports will not be deleted, and neither will the fake guilds. They will simply become ineligible for rankings, and any existing rankings for those guilds are going to be removed. The situation will be similar to unguilded personal logs (which also can't rank).

In the next few hours you should see a warning badge appear above your guild's calendar if it was not found on your server. This is a hint that all of the guild's rankings are going to be removed. You can rename your guild to match the name on server, and then the warning badge should go away. Alternatively if your invalid guild is a duplicate of a real guild, you can shift your reports to your personal logs or to your real guild to get them out of the invalid guild.

I will be improving the personal guild algorithm to match you against the first validated guild you belong to, and to not favor unvalidated guilds.

Introducing Raid Composition Search!

You can now search rankings for fights that match a particular raid composition. This feature is accessible from the Search Fights... item on the Rankings filter bar. You can use this feature to check for fights that had a particular number of tanks, healers, melee DPS or ranged DPS. You can also test for the presence of specific specs.

Introducing "Replay From Here"

All of the raw events views (including the Deaths pane) now have an additional feature. Every single event has a play button next to it that allows you to begin a Combat Replay pointed at that exact timestamp. This allows you to replay a death and see where everyone was standing, or to simply move to a specific point in time in the raw events view and see what was going on positionally.

In addition this feature was implemented using a position property in the URL, so you can now hack that directly to change positions yourself. You can also share combat replays that begin at a specific position (in case you want to point out some bad positioning to your guildmates).

Realm Rankings, Character Search and First Feat of Strength Video

A number of new features have been added in the last few weeks. Here they are in no particular order:

  • Realm Rankings - You can now view rankings filtered to your specific realm. This feature is accessible from the realm pages. Note that if you upload reports to a guild on the wrong realm, I'm going to start policing that, since I want the integrity of the character data to be maintained.
  • Character Pages and Searches - You can now search for characters from the search field. These will take you to that characters rankings page (which also includes historical parses).
  • Guild Deletion - You can now delete a guild if you are the guildmaster. Think carefully before you do this, though, since it will delete all of your guild's reports and rankings. Personal reports that are implicitly connected to a guild won't be deleted, but their rankings will be.

In other news, congratulations to Vanguard of Kazzak (EU) for being the first to complete the Immerseus Feat of Strength. Their video is embedded below.

Personal Logs and Guild Rankings

I wanted to post to remind people that you have a personal log space created for you automatically. If you belong to a guild, then any logs you upload to your personal log space will be associated with the guild and will be ranked as part of your guild.

A fair number of people seem confused by this, probably because this feature does not exist in World of Logs, and so have instead made personal logs on realms and have been uploading logs there. You need to understand the consequences of doing this. Because Warcraft Logs has guild rankings (unlike World of Logs), when you upload the same fight to multiple guilds, you potentially create duplicate ranks. If I see those duplicate ranks in the top 50 for Speed or Execution, I will delete the version of the report that is in the "fake" personal log. I will do this even if it had a better score than the official guild report. If I delete your report, you risk losing other unrelated ranks that may have been better than the ones found in your primary guild's reports.

I have just completed a large purge of duplicate rankings, and so if you have one of these bogus guilds, you may find that many of your reports have been deleted.

I am still hoping that this is just a user education problem, and that as people learn how the site works, they will start using personal logs like they are supposed to. However, if people continue to abuse the guild creation process to make bogus personal guilds, then I will be forced to implement guild validation in order to combat this problem. I don't want to have to do this, but I will if this problem persists.

So please, use your account's personal logs like you're supposed to. That's the whole reason the feature was created in the first place. If there is some reason why you cannot use your personal logs, please post on the forums and let me know why.