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Comparing Reports

You can now compare reports with one another. The entry point for this feature can be found in the upper right of any reports page. Look for Compare Reports next to the Recent Reports menu item. All reports views (with the exception of Combat Replay, coming soon!) are now comparison-aware and able to show views that integrate data from multiple reports.

Try it out, and as always, report bugs on the forums or on Twitter to @WarcraftLogs.

Rankings Changes

In an effort to avoid duplicate rankings, all characters are now being validated against the Armory. If your character is not Armory-valid at the time of upload, then your character will not be eligible to rank. Note that once your character becomes marked as valid by Warcraft Logs, it will remain valid for the rest of the tier. This means that - going forward -you can name change safely or transfer to another server without losing your existing rankings. However for this initial purge we will be deleting any rankings for which no characters exist in the Armory.

If your character is not Armory-valid because you recently transferred, you won't be able to rank until the Armory catches up. However, you can go back and re-export any logs with your character in them after you become valid, and then the rankings will be picked up.

This change does mean you have to pay attention to which realm you upload to if you want to rank. This is especially true of connected realms. If you log on realm A, you have to upload to realm A. You cannot upload to another realm, even if it is connected, as your character then won't be found on the Armory.

Absorbs Bug

A major bug involving fully absorbed hits has been fixed. If advanced combat logging was enabled, any full absorbs from melee hits were actually doubled. This affects Brewmaster Monks the most and made it look like they were absorbing an insane amount of damage on the Damage Taken views.

I believe the bug has been fixed, but I would encourage you to study the raw event views carefully, and let me know if you see anything strange with melee damage results.

Download version 1.2 of the client uploader to get the fix. Unfortunately I can't retroactively fix already-uploaded logs, but fortunately this bug should have no effect on the rankings.

Don't Panic!

You may have noticed the red guild validation messages above fake guilds. Don't panic. Nothing is changing yet. Right now the message is mainly for tracking, so I can get a sense of how many "fake guilds" exist. I may be able to come up with a technical solution that will be able to cull the duplicates without forcing all guilds to be validated.

Duplicate Rankings

In a few days, I am going to be cracking down heavily on duplicate rankings.

I've decided that - going forward - guilds are going to be validated against the Armory in order to rank. Creating fake guilds is fine, but rankings are only going to be allowed from guilds that actually exist on the server. I'll provide more details about what validation will entail once it has been implemented.

Your reports will not be deleted, and neither will the fake guilds. They will simply become ineligible for rankings, and any existing rankings for those guilds are going to be removed. The situation will be similar to unguilded personal logs (which also can't rank).

In the next few hours you should see a warning badge appear above your guild's calendar if it was not found on your server. This is a hint that all of the guild's rankings are going to be removed. You can rename your guild to match the name on server, and then the warning badge should go away. Alternatively if your invalid guild is a duplicate of a real guild, you can shift your reports to your personal logs or to your real guild to get them out of the invalid guild.

I will be improving the personal guild algorithm to match you against the first validated guild you belong to, and to not favor unvalidated guilds.

Introducing Raid Composition Search!

You can now search rankings for fights that match a particular raid composition. This feature is accessible from the Search Fights... item on the Rankings filter bar. You can use this feature to check for fights that had a particular number of tanks, healers, melee DPS or ranged DPS. You can also test for the presence of specific specs.

Introducing "Replay From Here"

All of the raw events views (including the Deaths pane) now have an additional feature. Every single event has a play button next to it that allows you to begin a Combat Replay pointed at that exact timestamp. This allows you to replay a death and see where everyone was standing, or to simply move to a specific point in time in the raw events view and see what was going on positionally.

In addition this feature was implemented using a position property in the URL, so you can now hack that directly to change positions yourself. You can also share combat replays that begin at a specific position (in case you want to point out some bad positioning to your guildmates).

Realm Rankings, Character Search and First Feat of Strength Video

A number of new features have been added in the last few weeks. Here they are in no particular order:

  • Realm Rankings - You can now view rankings filtered to your specific realm. This feature is accessible from the realm pages. Note that if you upload reports to a guild on the wrong realm, I'm going to start policing that, since I want the integrity of the character data to be maintained.
  • Character Pages and Searches - You can now search for characters from the search field. These will take you to that characters rankings page (which also includes historical parses).
  • Guild Deletion - You can now delete a guild if you are the guildmaster. Think carefully before you do this, though, since it will delete all of your guild's reports and rankings. Personal reports that are implicitly connected to a guild won't be deleted, but their rankings will be.

In other news, congratulations to Vanguard of Kazzak (EU) for being the first to complete the Immerseus Feat of Strength. Their video is embedded below.

Personal Logs and Guild Rankings

I wanted to post to remind people that you have a personal log space created for you automatically. If you belong to a guild, then any logs you upload to your personal log space will be associated with the guild and will be ranked as part of your guild.

A fair number of people seem confused by this, probably because this feature does not exist in World of Logs, and so have instead made personal logs on realms and have been uploading logs there. You need to understand the consequences of doing this. Because Warcraft Logs has guild rankings (unlike World of Logs), when you upload the same fight to multiple guilds, you potentially create duplicate ranks. If I see those duplicate ranks in the top 50 for Speed or Execution, I will delete the version of the report that is in the "fake" personal log. I will do this even if it had a better score than the official guild report. If I delete your report, you risk losing other unrelated ranks that may have been better than the ones found in your primary guild's reports.

I have just completed a large purge of duplicate rankings, and so if you have one of these bogus guilds, you may find that many of your reports have been deleted.

I am still hoping that this is just a user education problem, and that as people learn how the site works, they will start using personal logs like they are supposed to. However, if people continue to abuse the guild creation process to make bogus personal guilds, then I will be forced to implement guild validation in order to combat this problem. I don't want to have to do this, but I will if this problem persists.

So please, use your account's personal logs like you're supposed to. That's the whole reason the feature was created in the first place. If there is some reason why you cannot use your personal logs, please post on the forums and let me know why.

Warcraft Logs is now in Beta

I'm pleased to report that Warcraft Logs has now moved out of alpha testing and is now in beta. What this means is that all of the major subsystems have been implemented, and enough bugs have been squashed for the site to be reliable in terms of performance and correctness. As stated in previous posts, the goal is to exit beta when WoD releases.

As I did a couple of months ago, I wanted to go over the different subsystems and let you know where they stand and what is planned for the beta phase. At this point the subsystems are at least partially implemented, and the goal now is to begin polishing those subsystems. Here is what is on the agenda for the next few months.

The Client Uploader

The biggest feature that people have requested from the uploader is the ability to split raids by zone/difficulty as well as time, so I hope to add that for the client.

In terms of client bugs, I'll be testing all of the error handling cases and working on making the client more robust when network failures and connectivity issues occur.


Rankings are in very good shape. There are now guild and character pages, as well as full report rankings pages. I plan to add a % column for rankings on the report, guild and character pages and to sort by % rank rather than absolute rank.

Cross-realm and connected-realm rankings are now supported, so go ahead and log those cross-realm SoO runs.

Damage and Healing Panes

There will be some changes coming to the damage done by ability pages. More of the tooltip information is going to be moved into the main table. For damage taken, I have some interesting changes planned. Damage mitigated by blocking is going to be shown (but not count towards your total), and I plan to try to figure out Stagger damage and treat that similar to block. This may wait until I know more about WoD though, since if Blizzard fixes Stagger that will change my approach.

Damage and Healing panes now have Casts directly in the panes, as well as uptimes and miss percentages. I plan to turn the Casts and Uptimes into links that create the corresponding pins, so you're going to be able to toggle casts and buff uptimes on and off directly from the damage and healing panes.


I have some improvements planned for the Deaths pane. I plan to include cooldown use information in the deaths pane so you can see what a player did to try to stay alive. Those buffs will show up in the death events view, and in addition I will have a separate cooldowns section on the death pages that shows exactly when those cooldowns were last used.

You are also going to be able to "zoom out" and look at much more of the fight before your death.

The ability to replay the death in combat replay is also planned.

Casts and Interrupts

I plan to invert how interrupts work so that you don't have to (counter-intuitively) switch to "Enemies" to look at what spells friendly players interrupted. The casts pane was already re-done to be more intuitive, but Interrupts still need to be fixed.

Buffs and Debuffs

Buffs and Debuffs were completely re-done. I plan to thicken the uptime lines thicken when the auras are applied to more people (or have multiple stacks).

In addition the pins for buffs and debuffs are going to be re-worked to make examining many buffs and debuffs at once much easier.


Resources have received a lot of polish. Only relevant resources show now for specific players, and the bugs with incorrect values have been resolved. Resource gains have been implemented, along with measurement of wasted resources at the cap.

All that is really left to implement in this pane is the resource pins themselves.


I plan to add a new cooldowns section that will show how raid and personal CDs were used. This will basically be similar to the buffs/debuffs pane but with a smart filter to only show buffs that are considered cooldowns. Suggestions for this feature are welcome.

Crowd Control

Another planned feature is a crowd control pane, so that you can easily see what type of CC was applied to a mob and how long it lasted. This is information that you can largely get from the debuffs pane now, but the CC pane will also show the type of crowd control used (e.g., Stun vs. Silence) so you can - at a glance - see how the mob was controlled.


Pins have had many improvements made to them over the last couple of months. The ability to fix any mistakes you make to pins without having to re-create them was the most requested feature in the history of the site, and I'm happy to report that has been implemented (just click the gear button to the left of the close button on a pin to make changes to it).

In addition, WCL now has a very powerful expression editor. Because the expression editor also has range-based querying, you can build some nifty expressions (such as a mega-expression to filter to relevant damage on Heroic Paragons). The resource fields of events have been exposed as well, so you can build expressions based on mob health and positioning. For example, you can filter to specific clusters of Embodied Doubts on Heroic Garrosh by using their map positions.

A quick filtering expression text field has been added to all panes to make it really easy to type in a quick filter without having to bring up the full pins creation UI.

I plan to add a few more functions and fields to the expression editor and then produce many examples to help people learn the syntax.

Pin Bookmarks will be coming in the next few months, as well as a public directory of pins (with tags) that you will be able to browse and search in order to find pins that you'd like to use.

Auto-application of pins is also planned (e.g., just always show my trinket procs or on this boss only, show the extra information that I care about).

Pin graphs are going to get some big changes. All query pins will support separate graphs rather than being limited to lines or bands on the main graph. Damage and Healing will be graphable either as DPS/HPS or as actual damage and healing bars. Buffs and Debuffs are going to support both full separate graphs as well as miniaturized consolidated graphs (similar to how WoL presents buffs and debuffs when you click the # sign).

Combat Replay

Combat Replay is coming along nicely. Raid frames and boss frames have been implemented, and debuffs now show up on raid frames. I plan to add source and target frames, and raid/boss/source/target frames will all support buffs and debuffs as well as cast bars.

In addition combat replay will have a damage/healing meter (similar to Skada/Recount), and there will also be a scrollable raw events view.

Cast lines are still planned as well in order to see who is targeting whom, but I'm working out the details for that feature first. It will probably be the last thing I add.

Multiple map support is planned as well. I know Heroic Garrosh drives people batty. :)

Events View

The raw events view is mostly complete. It just needs some polish and a lot of the links don't go to the right place yet. Don't expect any major changes.


Subscriptions will be coming very soon. I'll have more details on that in a separate post.


The site is now running on an auto-scaling load balanced front end, and a single extremely powerful back end machine. I believe the performance at this point is holding steady. If you still encounter any significant performance issues (especially at peak times), let me know.


I had originally planned to defer the Web API until post-1.0, but I have been re-thinking that position. I will probably at least try to add limited support for ranking querying (and Web widgets) so that sites like wowheroes and raidbots can get to that data.

Fight-Specific and Player-Specific Analysis

I do plan to offer fight-specific analysis, but I don't feel that adding these features for Siege of Orgrimmar is particularly worthwhile, since for most guilds, progression is either over or nearly over, and all of these fights are very well understood.

In general, specialized analysis is something I am interested in, but I am not interested in doing all of that work twice. This means that I plan to wait on such features until WoD.


Thanks to everyone for all of the bug reporting and testing during the alpha phase of this project. Keep the feedback coming now that the WCL beta is here!

New User Interface Is Here!

The new user interface that has been under development for a while has now landed. There are many usability improvements and bug fixes to the site. Highlights include:

  • Mobile-friendly menus. All of the menus have been replaced with touch-friendly versions. You should be able to browse the site much more easily on tablets and phones now.
  • Redesigned fight navigation. Picking fights has been made easier with the selection being split into a boss menu and a kills/wipes menu for that boss. Switching bosses automatically picks the most recent pull of that particular boss. This eliminates nested submenus completely from fight selection.
  • Better source/target selection. Now source and target selection are front and center, and it's much easier to see which player or enemy you are focused on. Much of the navigation around drilling into sources and targets has been improved, i.e., you'll rarely go to the "sub-optimal view" now.
  • Pane switching is now done with tabs instead of a menu. Summary, Damage, Healing, etc. are all top-level tabs now, so you can jump right to the pane you want. Buffs and Debuffs have been split into their own panes, so you no longer have to click through Buffs to get to Debuffs. Damage Done and Damage Taken have been split as well, so you can jump right to Damage Taken.
  • Lots of bugs have been fixed, with source/target display, friendly fire, the ability to open links in new windows, etc.

Let us know what you think, either in the forums, on Twitter or in e-mail. Many of these ideas for usability improvements came from your direct feedback, so keep it coming!

Deletion of Inactive Guilds

I've added a script to WCL that will be running regularly to purge inactive guilds. The rules for purging are as follows:

  • The guild has only one member.
  • The guild has no reports.
  • The guild has no personal logs connected to it.

This script should resolve all of the "My guild is taken" issues. It does mean you can't keep an empty placeholder guild around though. If you want your guild to not be deleted, you have to use it. No name squatting! :)

Pins Guide

I am working on a guide to Pins in order to help people understand how they work. It is a work in progress, but you can find the guide here.

The State of Warcraft Logs

I wanted to take a moment to discuss the state of the Web site and to discuss the roadmap for getting to 1.0. As a reminder, the release of Warcraft Logs is planned to coincide with Warlords of Draenor. Once all of the major subsystems have been implemented, we will move to beta with the goal of leaving beta shortly before Warlords of Draenor releases.

Here are the plans for each of the major site subsystems.

The Client Uploader

The client uploader is in really good shape, so don't expect many changes on this front. I will be making some minor improvements (adding a View Report button after uploading for example), but don't expect any major changes. I know that people desire more control over archival and splitting, and I've heard those requests. Those features will be implemented post-1.0.

The focus for the uploader in the next few months is going to be on robustness and stability. I plan to investigate the timeouts that sometimes happen that cause live logging to stop and to improve all of the error handling code.


Rankings are implemented, but there is still a lot of work left to complete the feature. I'll be improving the performance of the rankings sidebar on reports, and there are many links that need to be corrected or added so that you can get to rankings more easily.

There will also be Guild, Realm and Character ranking pages where you can easily see all of the ranks filtered on those criteria. That will be coming soon.


Resources still need lots of work. Resource pins are unimplemented, as is the table underneath the graph for showing resource gains. There are also some bugs (notably with Chi) and some polish (Blizzard uses a 1000 point scale for Rage, but I know you'd rather see it on a 100 scale) work to do.

Combat Replay

Combat Replay is coming along nicely. The remaining features that will be implemented in the coming months are unit frames (including Raid frames as well as Source, Target, Target of Target and Boss frames), multiple map support (e.g., Garrosh), a scrolling combat log, and cast lines (so you can see what people are attacking).

Expect feature work to continue right up to 1.0, since there is a lot left to do here.


Pins are about 50% complete. The big features left to implement here are:

  • Add support for clicking + in the Buffs/Debuffs panes and Resource panes.
  • Allow Query pins to be connected via logical operators like AND, OR and NOT.
  • Implement Expression pins for people who like to just write their own expressions.
  • Add support for Bookmarking of pins so that they can be easily re-used.
  • Fix Summary pins, since they have lots of bugs.

Along with Combat Replay, this is the feature where I have the most left to do.

Events View

The raw events view is mostly complete. It just needs some polish and a lot of the links don't go to the right place yet. Don't expect any major changes.

Analytical View

The Analytical View is the furthest along. Nothing much is going to change here. The Damage Done, Healing Done, Damage Taken, Buffs panes, etc. are all more or less complete. I have ideas for how to improve them (especially when multiple fights are selected), but all of that will likely wait until post-1.0.

One thing I will be fixing for sure in this view is improving all of the transitions between views as you select sources and targets. For example, switching to the ability view when you go from All Sources to a specific Source, being stickier with regards to enemy selection when you're trying to study a boss, etc.,


Subscriptions will be coming when we make the transition to beta (before 1.0). For now, don't worry about reports being lost. Certain rankings will keep your reports from being deleted, although it's important to note that some of the rankings are "just for fun" and are not going to pin your report. I'll add some clarifying thoughts on this soon.

It's likely that subscriptions will be by guild, with your personal log gaining the benefits also if you belong to any subscribed guild. I'm still deciding what features will require a subscription. I will try to limit subscription-only features to those that consume a lot of resources, either in terms of storage (e.g., keeping reports around forever) or bandwidth (combat replay).

One thing I can promise. Rankings will never be connected to subscriptions in any way. There won't be any additional rankings spots rewarded for subscribers.


Another area where there is some work to do is scalability-related. For the most part the site has been holding up pretty well. There was a huge spike in traffic yesterday that caught us by surprise (the set of people who planned to start logging grew dramatically over the holidays and then everyone showed up on Sunday). I scaled up the hardware to compensate, and things seem fine again.

I was able to identify a few issues related to scalability, although they had more to do with people uploading absolutely gargantuan logs to the site and then trying to view them. There is now a 1gb cap on uploaded files to prevent people from uploading 60+ days of raiding (WHY would you do this? WHY?!).


A Web API is definitely planned, although I have decided to defer it until post-1.0. I need a chance to see what is working and what isn't in terms of rankings and scalability before exposing an API. Just know that it is a high priority feature for post-1.0 (along with log merging and fight comparison views).


I'd like to thank everyone for all of the testing and support. The bug reports have been invaluable, and all of the feedback (both positive and negative) has been appreciated. Keep that coming as we roll towards Warlords of Draenor together! As 6.0 draws closer, there is going to be lots of work needed from volunteers (identifying IDs for stuns and CC, maps for combat replay, class/spec detection, etc.). I have made those functions open source, and they're sitting right in the forums, so you can contribute any changes that are needed.

DBM Auto Logging

Note that the feature of DBM that automatically logs boss encounters (but excludes trash) is not compatible with Warcraft Logs. For fights with boss speeches before the encounter begins such as Norushen, Galakras and Spoils of Pandaria, DBM does not log the ENCOUNTER_START event, and so Warcraft Logs will possibly handle those fights incorrectly if they contain lulls where no damage events occur (e.g., a healer trial on Norushen or standing around doing nothing on Galakras).

We're debating how to resolve this incompatibility, but for now, if you want to ensure that those fights get counted as valid for rankings purposes, you will want to avoid using this DBM feature and just log the whole night of raiding.

Personal Logs

We are seeing a lot of people create personal logs on realms. Warcraft Logs, however, provides you with your own personal logs without you having to do this. Under My Guilds, you can select your personal logs to view them. Similarly, you can pick your personal logs from the Guild dropdown in the Warcraft Logs client uploader.

Eventually we are going to be aggressively deleting realm logs that are clearly personal instead, so if you don't want to find your reports suddenly vanish, you'll start using your actual personal logs instead of cluttering up the realms lists for no reason.

Feats of Strength Rankings Are Live!

The Feats of Strength Rankings for the first ten bosses of Siege have been enabled. For more details on each Feat of Strength you can follow the links below:

Immerseus The Fallen Protectors Norushen Sha of Pride Galakras
Iron Juggernaut Kor'kron Dark Shaman General Nazgrim Malkorok Spoils of Pandaria
Rankings Update

We've made some more rankings adjustments. For fight execution and kill speed, we've reduced the number of ranking slots from 200 to 50. If we left it at 200, everyone would rank, and that seemed a bit silly. There was also a bug with the execution rankings where Blood Death Knights were not being properly counted as tanks, so if you have a fight that you tanked with a Blood Death Knight, you can re-export your report to possibly improve your execution ranking.

At the moment each flex size has its own rankings, but we're probably just going to collapse all sizes of flex into one rank with 200 slots.

You can rank from your personal logs now, but in order to do so, you must set the region that you want your personal logs to be ranked in. The region can be set from the calendar display. (We'll also use this as a hint in the future to provide region-specific layout for the calendar and other parts of the UI.)

At the moment cross-realm names are not allowed to rank. We do plan to allow them to rank in the future, but we need to work out some technical details first. For now just be aware that if you end up doing a flex raid, etc., on a realm that is not your own, you could even disqualify yourself from ranking.

The Feats of Strength rankings for the first nine bosses of Siege of Orgrimmar will be turned on tonight at midnight.

Heroic Raiders, It's Time To Spice Up Farm!

Ok, Heroic Raiders, listen up!

We have introduced a new category of ranking called Feats of Strength. Every week we will be introducing Feats of Strength for each wing in Siege of Orgrimmar. These Feats are rewarded for killing these bosses on Heroic difficulty with some fiendish restrictions in place.

We will be introducing the Feats of Strength for the first four bosses in Siege on Tuesday December 17th at the next reset. Logs for these Feats will be closely scrutinized by all, so no cheating!

You are encouraged to make kill videos for these Feats. These videos will be embedded in the page for the world 1st in each region.